Dr. Hakan Ceylan is currently a senior research scientist and project manager at the Physical Intelligence Department of Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany. He explores novel materials, designs, and fabrication strategies that couple sensing, actuation and communication at micro and nano length scales; with the vision of developing innovative and high performance actuators, robots, and multi-agent systems that exhibit programmed intelligence. 

The overarching goal of this direction is to enable micro- and nanorobots that are able to safely navigate inside body, act intelligently in response to changing conditions in biological environment, carry, deliver, release therapeutics, and perform complicated tasks in semi- or fully autonomous strategies in a manner that could be eventually translated to clinical settings. To this end, he develops platform technologies and preclinical design strategies.

Dr. Ceylan also takes the responsibility of the administrative management of eight genetic engineering laboratories in the Department of Physical Intelligence for observing and regulating the safety aspects in accordance with Genetic Engineering Safety Ordinance (Gentechnik Sicherheitsverordnung, or GenTSV) and Genetic Engineering Act (Gentechnikgesetz, or GenTG).

Dr. Ceylan has been an associate fellow of Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems since 2015. There he explores programmable self-assembly as an active platform for high throughput, parallel, and distributed (swarm-like) micro- and nano- robotic operations and for high volume manufacturing of multi-component micro- and nano-robots.