Ph.D., Materials Science & Nanotechnology, National Nanotechnology Research Center, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (September 2010- August 2014). The objective of my Ph.D. research was to develop bioinspired design strategies for materials used in medical, environmental and industrial applications. A reductionist, bottom-up approach constituted the main strategy to recapitulate biological functionalities in fully-synthetic hybrid constructs. To reach this goal, I employed multidisciplinary approaches integrating materials science, chemistry, and medical biology. I explored the utility of rationally-designed, synthetic molecular building blocks that form giant collectives through programmed self-assembly into functional soft materials. The resulting nano-ordered materials exhibit multifunctional and adaptive properties, which can be tailored by the information within monomeric components as well as the emerging properties upon their self-assembly. In light of these, design, synthesis and characterization of the prototypes of nanostructured functional materials are described in the contexts of biomedical adhesives and bioactive interfaces for cardiovascular and bone implants; complex biomimetic microenvironments for controlled stem cell differentiation and tissue regeneration; bioinspired hydrogels with self-healing and adaptive properties; nano-templated atomic-layer mineralization of semiconductor metal oxides for photocatalytic applications.

BSc., Molecular Biology & Genetics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (September 2005- June 2010). Graduated with High Honor, cGPA 3.54/4.00. I was admitted to the university with full scholarship based on a nationwide examination result where I ranked in the top 500 students among over 1.6 million participants.

High School, Sciences and Mathematics Branch, Ari Science High School, Ankara, Turkey (September 2002- June 2005). Graduated with High Honor, cGPA 5.00/5.00. I was admitted to the high school with full scholarship based on a nationwide examination result where I ranked in the top 1000 students among over half a million participants.