2018. Science as Art Award (2nd winning place), Materials Research Society (MRS), Fall Meeting, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts, US.

2017. Masoumeh Ghaderi Prize at the 5th annual workshop on ‘Micro and Nanotechnologies for medicine: Emerging Frontiers and Applications.’ Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, USA, July 2017.

2016. Grassroots Initiative Program, Independent Project Funding for Photocatalytic Micro-Robots for Decontamination of Water amounting €20K (January-December 2016), Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany.

2015. Associate fellowship at Center for Learning Systems of Max Planck Institute (MPI) – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), January 2015- Present.

2014. Max Planck Society Postdoctoral Fellowship, September 2010-May 2017, then Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter- Present.

2013. Ultratech / Cambridge NanoTech 2013 Best Papers Award for the work Scientific Reports, 3, 2306, 2013” (2014).

2013. Back covered article for the work, Advanced Functional Materials, 23 (16), 2081- 2090 (2013).

2011. Lindau Fellowship: Selected among a number of institute nominees across the country to represent Turkey in the 61st Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting, Lindau, Germany, June 2011.

2010. Postgraduate Scholarship from TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), including a monthly stipend, September 2010-August 2014.

2010. Postgraduate Scholarship from Bilkent University, including a full tuition waiver, September 2010-August 2014.

2009. Summer Research Scholarship, Marie Curie Research Institute, Oxted, United Kingdom, June-October, 2009.

2005. Undergraduate Scholarship from TUBITAK, including a monthly stipend, September 2005-June 2010.

2005. Undergraduate Scholarship from Bilkent University, including a full tuition waiver and an additional monthly stipend, October 2005-July 2010.