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The past few years have witnessed an eruption in the development of robotic systems for healthcare. A number of devices and platforms are offering the most sensitive and precise operations for robotic surgery, lowering the demands of a surgeon’s dexterity, sensory feedback, and visualization. The compliance of soft robots enable wearable and assistive devices. Capsule endoscopes are small enough to be swallowed and guided to deliver diagnostic and therapeutic means at exact locations in the gastrointestinal system. These advances underpin a progressive trend toward minimally invasive, patient-centered, precise, and personalized medical solutions, thereby reducing the demand in the invasive medical interventions and downsides associated with them.

Untethered mobile robots smaller than 1mm down to the size of a single cell, can transform minimally invasive medical procedures. These robots could navigate in sensitive and confined body sites, engage in medical operations and deliver medical cargoes with high precision and repeatability. News and Views aims to provide the reader with cutting edge developments in the microrobotics research from my personal standpoint. With each post, I discuss an individual research article, its background research and potential implications.