Materials for microrobots

Physical Intelligence. To enable intelligence at the microscopic size scales, new materials, design and fabrication strategies are needed. My research to this end aims to couple sensing, actuation and communication at micro and nano length scales.

Biomaterials for Microrobots. As the clinical interest of robotic devices shifts to the development of small, autonomous, or remotely controlled systems, challenges remain regarding material biocompatibility, biodegradability, and execution of functional tasks in a programmed way. An ideal material solution should convey the idea of short-term inertness in the body while a microrobot should be degradable with the lowest possible waste profile in the long-term. To this end, we explore and design hydrogel-based biodegradable materials to form the fabric of microrobots. Tailorable physical properties and capability to protect labile cargo types from degradation could further extend the use of hydrogels with microrobots for the execution of medical tasks in the living environment.